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  • thumbnail image of michael kane pencils by ghen martin

    Michael Caine by Ghen Martin

    Michael Caine by Ghen Martin 10 films that confirm why he is one of the best actors at cinema history Michael Caine (March 14th de 1933, Rotherhithe, London, United Kingdom). It doesn’t matter that he plays supporting roles as a butler, working for Batman, or that he shares screen shots with Lawrence Olivier in masterpiece Sleuth (Joseph Leo […]

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens Variant Poster

    Star Wars The Force Awakens variant poster A film review by Ghen Martin Yes, I am going to talk about the new Star Wars movie, the good and the bad things. What do you want to read first? I always prefer the bad news first, just to touch reality, and then, the good news to keep on dreaming. […]