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  • Commissions-Star Wars-Rancor

    Commissions-Star Wars-Rancor Luke Skywalker defeats the monster putting a bone into its mouth This is the final artwork of the Commissions-Star Wars-Rancor. I decided to take at special moment from Star Wars: Episode VI -The Return of the Jedi, when Luke Skywalker is thrown into the Rancor’s pitt by Jabba the Hutt. That scene gives us one of those […]

  • captain chaos commission thumbnail

    Commissions-Captain Chaos

    Commissions-Captain Chaos A portrait that looks like a comic book cover “It has to be something like a comic book cover”; that was the goal of this new commission, where I had to draw a beautiful child whose nickname is Chaptain Chaos because she loves “putting her room into order”. This was the process of this new […]